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Star Light, Star Bright

Just Arrived! Greg's latest CD

Greg Maroney Solo Piano, Star Light, Star Bright CD

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My day revolves around music and my homelife. The morning is my time for practice. Going over older songs, learning new classical pieces, and playing exercises. Then I spend the day with my wife, working the property and being outside as much as I can. In the evening, Linda and I enjoy being outside watching as the day draws to a close. I love the fading light, the fireflys rising and the first stars appearing. I love that my wife still wishes on the first star, just as she has since I first met her so many years ago.
The songs on this CD were all written in those magical evening hours. This is when I go back to the piano, not to practice but to compose, to put my day into music.

Wishing on the first star is part of the magic of youth. Don't let that slip away. Go outside and look to the evening sky. Wish on a star and send those hopes and dreams out into the world.