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Recording Studio ~ South Central PA.

Welcome to the Harmony Grove Recording Studio and Performance Hall. This is a perfectly tuned room with a wonderful Steinway D Concert Grand piano that will be sure to delight your sensibilities. We are located in a pastoral setting in south central Pennsylvania where it is quiet, beautiful and peaceful.

The recording studio is a well balanced sound area allowing the piano to shine. Custom acoustic treatments designed for our space allow just the beautiful warm sounds of the piano to come through. 4 microphones are used in the recording process, 2 Earthworks QTC 40's close to the strings, and the warm sound of Neumann's TLM 104's used to capture the room. These mic positions, coupled with the natural warmth of the piano, produce an intimate, warm and pure recording. Your next piano project is sure to sound the best ever.

We also offer graphics for your next CD. Linda Maroney has a proven track record of beautiful CD covers. Linda can work with your ideas or help you to find a design to fit your vision.
Our studio can take your project from an idea all the way through recording, mastering, graphics and cd production by submitting it to Discmakers or the manufacturer you prefer.

If you are interested in talking about rates and availability, please contact Greg.

We also work with Sherry Finzer at RS Promotions, offering New Age Music Promotions via a variety of radio campaign options for New Age, Contemporary Instrumental, Acoustic, Ambient, Solo Piano and World Musicians

Here are a few tips I have gleaned over the past few years of recording on this piano:

  1. Your recording will be done on a Steinway D Concert Grand piano (9 foot). It has a BIG sound and is very different from a keyboard or an upright piano. The touch, expression, pedaling and sound are all unique to this piano. The room has been acoustically tuned to fit this instrument. If you have composed and practiced your music on a keyboard, I would highly suggest that you do at least some practice on a grand piano. Your results will be much better.
  2. Be prepared. Although I try to make the environment as stress free as possible, stress cannot be eliminated. You are paying for your time at the piano, make the best of it.
  3. Tuning the piano is required right before your session. You want it to sound the best possible. You are responsible for that cost.
  4. All music recording in our studio must be mastered. I will be the engineer for your session at the piano, but mastering will be done separately at Full Tilt Productions by Jason Shaffer.

Revews, Artist Comments

Greg and Linda are amazing to work with.  Greg is the consummate professional, and the studio is beautiful.  The Steinway is phenomenal and it was a pleasure to record at Harmony Grove Studios.  -  Bob Yonker, Shared Dreams Music

The finished CD's arrived yesterday. The sound is great and the cover work is awesome. You are right, Greg. We ALL did really good work.  I so appreciate the help and advice you and Linda have given me. I look forward to working with both of you in the future.
~ Sally Kidwell, Sweet Serenity CD

I recently recorded my album Nightfall at Harmony Grove Studio, and had a wonderful experience.  The piano sounded exquisite and Greg was patient and knowledgeable. Cover design by Linda was creative and fast.  All in all a great experience!
~Lauren Jones, Nightfall CD

… beautiful recordings!  Well done. I like the balance of attack and sustain. Rich/lush harmonies and shimmering melodies with a sophisticated tone. Definitely balanced and clear in each register. The piano (and player) sounds magnificent.
~ Gary Girouard, The Naked Piano

Harmony Grove Recording Studio
Studio is equipped with Steinway D Concert Grand
Steinway D Concert Grand
Skyline diffusers and bass traps
Skyline Diffusers and bass traps.
ceiling acoustic treatments
Ceiling acoustic treatments

Ceiling acoustic treatments
Ceiling acoustic treatments

Mic placements and acoustic treatments
Mic placements and acoustic treatments
Modular, optimized stepped diffuser with flanking absorbers and corner bass traps
Modular, optimized stepped diffuser with flanking absorbers and corner bass traps
Greg Maroney & Jason Shaffer
Greg and Jason Shaffer, from Full Tilt Productions, testing new recording equipment.
Jason Shaffer at Harmony Grove Recording Studio

Early Stages of Studio Construction

Our Master Sound Sculptor, Jason Shaffer, helped with the design of the studio's acoustic treatments.